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Genetic Research For Anti Aging

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Genetics has advanced in a lot of ways and has been able to provide answers to many medical complications. The next hurdle in front of the genetic research teams is to tap the ageing mechanism. Research needs to be done on slowing the growth and ageing of cells and organs in the body which leads to so many problems at the later stages of life, the main aim being increasing the life expectancy. The respite is that all the tests are conducted on animals and only when some success is seen are they tried on humans.

If the human body structure has to be analyzed, there are more than 30,000 genes and studying them all would take time. As a person grows older, their functionalities reduce ultimately stopping. This is the leading cause of reduced body metabolism leading to problems in eyesight, immunity, calcium content, muscle movements and energy conservation.

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Scientists working overtime on this issue have achieved success to some extent. One of the most important reasons for ageing is claimed to have been tapped. Experiments have been able to reduce the ageing rate by approximately 6 times which automatically increases the life span by the same factor. These tests very conducted on micro organisms with very small life spans for better calculations. This has been termed as extreme survival mode.

The reason for the reduction in ageing process was attributed to the cell's reduced growth rate and not being prone to getting damaged. With the cells living longer, their potential to acquire problems reduces. The genetic defects of old age are eliminated (including the terminal diseases like cancer). If the scientists are to be believed, the growth and ageing rates automatically get drastically reduced if the total calorie intake is reduced considerably. This seemed to be a good idea until the discovery that this has adverse effects on the reproductive mechanism sustaining the total cell count in the body which is unacceptable.

New methods for developing an anti ageing mechanism include intensive research on the gene pool. The main emphasis is not to compromise on the general living standards to that the aim can be achieved without significant damages to the other parts. It is estimated that this would take another decade of work on the animals if not less. Some scientists claim to have successfully reversed the ageing of skin in mice. There are hopes of developing pills which could be consumed.

Special emphasis is being paid on understanding the complete mechanism of the cells and their reproduction keeping all the basics in mind in order to formulate the reverse process. Reprogramming could be a result of the combined effort of medical experts and computers. Bio Informatics and Bio Technology are two fields which provide massive support to the genetic research.

There have been complications in the past which has lead to many believing that all the research on animals do not prove that the same can be successful on humans and are non translatable to them. The urgency is high with thousands of people spending millions of dollars collectively on skin care and anti aging products worldwide.