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Applications Of Genetic Engineering

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There is no denying the marvels of genetic research. Many things that men only dreamed of have not become a reality with more in the list. As more knowledge is gained and further positive results are obtained, the total number of areas where they can be implemented would only rise. Some of the various areas where their usage has been beneficial are:

Applications in Medicines: A majority of the findings of genetic research have proved to be of great significance to the medical world. With different kinds of vaccines, antibodies and vitamins developed and easily available in the market, many diseases are now under control and can be treated. These elements can be injected into the bodies of the patient. Chemotherapy and Radiology, which are very prominently used in cases of terminal diseases, are a gift of nothing but genetic research. Treatment of heredity diseases too is possible by manipulating the genes in the human body before birth. What could be better than having a baby devoid of any problems but with all wanted traits?

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Applications in Industries: Synthetically produced items are now available in the markets which are used as raw materials by the industrialists. Commercially viable items can also be produced by using the biological procedures like fermentation (in bakeries). Genetic Research has been able to tell exactly what percentage and what quantities of items should be used for optimum results making everything calculated and risk free.

Applications in Agriculture: Artificially synthesized fruits and vegetables is just one of the many aspects. Fertilizers and bio synthesizers which help in proper growth of crops at the same time killing the harmful bacteria have helped the agriculture sector. If added nutrients are added to the soil, the produce is of better quality and of higher quantity, both of which are very beneficial. The soil does not lose its potential to grow more crops which allow for the agriculture process to be carried out all through the year. Added experiments are being carried out to make plants which are self dependent and would only be need to sown once. Emphasis is also paid on discovering plants which do not require high amounts of water.

Applications for Humans: Scientists are pondering over the possibility of making children with only the desirable traits are possible after the successes in cloning. This could do away with a majority of diseases and no vaccination would be required. Babies who have deficiency could be treated with additions being done to their genetic structure. Those who cannot reproduce due to medical complications have also seen positive results with surrogate parent's concept becoming available.

Applications for Environment: Organisms have been known to help in the bio degradation of waste materials. However, there are some materials like plastics which cannot be degraded by them. To help such causes, genetic research has produced modified microorganisms which not only have the capability of doing this but are also more efficient due to the speedy process. They are used in situations which may cause severe damage to the planet earth like oil spills.